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    Hi, I’m Star, Welcome to Ocean Massage. I have 5+ years experience in this health field and I was a medical assistant prior to becoming a massage therapist. My education involves training received from Napa Valley where my certificate was obtained for Massage practitioner. I’m fit and strong or I can be gentle.


    To me each client is different.

    Every client is important to me and I take my time while I work to deliver the most relaxing experience! I can tailor your massage to your preference or do my normal routine.

    In all my years of experience, I’ve never had a complaint about my services or massage therapy. I take much pride in doing extraordinary work and bringing my clients back.

    My goal is to help you and others relax, relieve stress and to be a healthier you.
    Massage has many health beneficial factors for the human body.
    I look forward to being of service to you. Thank you, Star

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  • Services

    Fresno Massage Services


    Very soothing and relaxing massage service. Gentle effleurage and petrissage over the body with your choice of lotion or oil (non-scented).


    • Steam Towel wipe down included in all massages.

    Medium Tissue

    Swedish massage mixed with mild deep tissue techniques deeper into your muscles and into problem areas. Very relaxing and therapeutic. (Popular choice among regular visitors).


    • Steam Towel wipe down included in all massages .

    Deep Tissue

    I use many techniques on deep tissue, I like to ease my way into the muscle to prevent painful treatment. I get deep into the tissue while releasing tension and tightness. (Popular choice among regular visitors)


    • Steam Towel wipe down included in all massages .

    Sports Massage

    In my sports massage, I do stretches and lifts for the sore achy body along with some deep tissue moves and lots of soothing effleurage to sooth muscles down.


    • Steam Towel wipe down included in all massages .

    Aroma Therapy

    I now offer aromatherapy during a massage session, included in the price. There is a separate charge for scrubs on body or face with a steam towel and face moisturizer.

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